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Created in 2009 by Brazilian publicist João Silva, the seal “No Racism, Here!" is an integrated mobilization action designed to inhibit racist practices in Brazil and around the world, through its adoption and display in work, educational, cultural, sports, and leisure environments.

In line with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), created in the 2000s to draw attention to relevant environmental, social, and governance issues, the Social Commitment Certificate “No Racism, Here" was born from the understanding that combating racism is a necessary action for social inclusion and respect for diversity. Its use in visible and accessible locations will bring significant changes in people's behavior.








We believe that the adoption of the seal and its protocols by public and private institutions, entities, and social organizations, as well as its wide display in advertisements, festive events, and sports events, will significantly contribute to addressing the issue, inhibiting racist practices and reducing conflicts, as well as preserving images and reputations.


Recognition: Companies that receive the Seal are publicly recognized for their commitment to racial justice, which can enhance brand reputation and attract consumers who value social responsibility.

Diversity and Inclusion: The Seal can boost internal efforts to promote diversity and inclusion within the company, encouraging the creation of more representative and welcoming work environments.

Access to Business Opportunities: Certified companies can stand out in bidding processes and public competitions, as the promotion of racial equality becomes an important criterion in various government initiatives.

Link: Project reserves 30% of jobs for black people in public service outsourcing contracts.

Customer Loyalty: Consumers are increasingly attentive to the ethical and social responsibility practices of companies. The Anti-Racism Seal can strengthen the loyalty of customers who seek to support businesses aligned with values of equality and social justice.

Innovation Incentive: Companies committed to racial equality are more likely to adopt innovative practices and promote a creative environment, taking advantage of diverse perspectives and experiences.

Contribution to Sustainable Development: Active engagement in promoting racial equality contributes to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), promoting more equitable and sustainable development.

Positive Social Impact: In addition to the benefits for the company, the Anti-Racism Seal demonstrates a tangible commitment to building a more just and equal society, contributing to social transformation.

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