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João Silva

Publicist with almost 50 years of experience in communications, works on national and international projects. He is one of the most awarded professionals in Brazil. Author of the world record number of more than 1000 brands, including products, projects, services, social organizations and political marketing. Author of successful cases, such as the brands Olodum, Collor, TCA, Cantina Cortille, Fricote, Iguatemi, among many others. He worked in the main agencies in the market as Art Director, Creative Director and Customer Service Director until he created his own agency in 1995: Maria. Provides advertising and communication consultancy services to the main advertisers in Brazil and other countries around the world. Throughout his career, he received hundreds of regional, national and international awards, including the Zumbi dos Palmares medal, awarded by the Salvador City Council for his work in the fight for racial equality in the country. He was chosen Professional of the Year in 1991, for the National Columnists Award and elected president of the Clube de Criação da Bahia, in 1992. In 2002, he was a paraninfo of the graduating class in Social Communication at the Catholic University of Salvador and, in 2009, of the Social Communication class at UNIFACS. He participated as a judge for several awards, as a speaker at several courses and seminars in Brazil, Vienna in Austria, New York and Boston in the United States. In 2007, he created the label “Racismo, não aqui! ”, a communication campaign to inhibit racist practices in companies and institutions, which is gradually gaining the support of thousands of people in different parts of Brazil and the world. Currently, the advertiser works in Brazil and the United States, through his company Maria Brands, in addition to developing projects that reflect the social commitment to combating racism.

Professionals of the Year - Rede Globo Regional Columnist Awards National Columnist Awards Yearbook of the São Paulo Creation Club Brazil Promotion Awards April Advertising Awards Brazil Design Awards Buzios Festival Gramado World Advertising Festival Ibero-American Advertising Festival Higher School of Advertising and Marketing NY Print Magazine Bahia Recall Awards Top of Marketing Top of the Marketing Tops, among others

Depositions: ​

“Talking about João Silva is easy: talented, one of the best I’ve met. Think strategically, play on my team for that reason. As if that were not enough, he is loyal, has good character, qualities nowadays, unfortunately, are rare.” Fernando Barros (Propeg)

“João Silva is more than one of the best advertisers in Bahia, he is part of the Ilê Aiyê family and is one of the pride of the breed.” Antônio Carlos Grandpa dos Santos" “When Maria was born, what excited me was choosing the name of the agency: Maria. Curious, new and revealing of João's talent, forged in the day-to-day struggle for survival in search of building a brand and a dream. João and Maria or Maria and João are winners and deserve all our respect and admiration”. Sérgio Amado (Ogilvy Group)

“What impresses me about João Silva is his energy and professional partnership. He really provides creative material and dreams together the client’s dream.”Geraldo Machado.” (Former Superintendent Director of Promo)


Contact:  /  +1 (786) 658-8141

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