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This project, since its implementation in 2009, has been maintained thanks to the solitary support of businesspeople, João Silva and Concita Pinto, who believe in the creation of a broader plan of permanent actions to combat racism in Brazil.

INTER - 077
CNPJ: 53.177.654/0001-51
Agência: 0001
Conta: 32823627-6

After several discussions and presentations of the project to private companies and public institutions, the need to obtain support and donations was realized to continue the actions already developed, as well as expand its areas of activity for more effective work.  The income generated by these donations will be used to carry out communication actions to combat racism, support projects related to anti-racist practices in partnership with leaders, organizations, companies, groups and collectives that join this cause, in addition to covering operational costs. This strategy favors the construction of a social movement for the cause of racial equity. Support you too

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